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Dr Megan Mathews

Dr Megan Mathews

I’m a naturopathic medical doctor specialising in the treatment of chronic illness. These include allergies, arthritis, cancer, chronic infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease and skin conditions. In addition to my degrees in medicine and surgery, I have extensive training and clinical experience in the healing modalities of nutrition, medical herbalism, acupuncture, osteopathy, kinesiology and spiritual medicine. For further details, see my CV in About Megan Mathews.

I run a busy practice in the beautiful Blue Mountains nearby Sydney. I also offer phone or internet skype-based consultations for my patients in Australia or overseas. In addition, I offer second opinion consultations for those people who do not yet have a firm diagnosis for their health problems or want to explore natural medicine alternatives or support for the treatments they’ve been offered.

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My first book, Radiant Health, Radiant Skin, has recently been published by ABC Books and Harper Collins. It is available through this site (click here), the dedicated website www.radianthealthradiantskin.com as well as major bookshops around Australia. RHRS is packed full of practical, evidence-based information and treatments to help you choose the best and safest skin care for your skin type and condition. It will also help you address the causes underlying your skin and general health problems kamagra cheap. And, because it covers skincare, exercise, nutrients, herbs, diet, digestion and elimination, RHRS is a comprehensive resource that gives you lots of treatment options to discuss with your health practitioner. No matter what your age, RHRS shows you how to improve and maintain your health from the outside as well as the inside out. Click here to read the book’s Introduction. I hope RHRS helps you optimise your beauty, health and happiness over the course of your life.

I am currently writing my next 2 books taking a fresh look at Acid-alkaline balance as well as Mitochondria Health. Like RHRS, these 2 books are a synthesis of allopathic and natural medicine treatments gathered over my 25 years of clinical experience. And, like RHRS they are written as a practical resource for you to improve your health and discuss treatment options with your practitioner. Why am I writing these books? It is widely observed that most physical and emotional diseases disrupt the body’s acid-alkaline balance and that restoration of acid-alkaline balance is a fundamental step in the journey back to health. And yet, I can find no clinically-based guide that in good faith can be recommended to my patients. And for my second book, mitochondria are bacteria that live inside our cells and make most of the energy we use to grow, repair and reproduce ourselves. The health of our cells, organs and whole body are dependent on the healthy function of these tiny bacteria.